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Warren Buffet said: “ Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” PitStops is all about saving you money on your diesel spend.


In today’s economic climate, we’re all looking for ways to save money. And the lack of public transport in South Africa means those of us who use our vehicles to get anywhere are feeling the pinch.


When it comes to diesel, which is no longer regulated, the bid price can vary dramatically, as you will have noticed at individual garage pumps. What’s more, we’ve all seen how the average diesel price has risen over the past year or two – in 2022 alone, between January and December, inland prices rose from R17,24 to R23,91 with coastal prices being only slightly less. Even with price fluctuations, data since 2019 shows an increasing upward trend in fuel prices that shows no sign of abating. It’s just good common sense to look around for the cheapest filling station in your area.


PitStops was created in February 2018 by Diederik van 't Hof, whose extensive travels around the country as a tour operator, and filling up in different garages opened his eyes to the sometimes, vast discrepancies in diesel prices between them – up to R6 a litre! In general, a variance of R2 per litre in in bigger towns and cities is still not unusual. He began dreaming … If only he could pinpoint which garage sold the cheapest diesel …


The rest, as they say, is history. PitStops started with a trickle, and today, it has the largest and most accurate database of diesel prices in South Africa, tirelessly updated every month by a team of dedicated diesel price hunters.


Diederik dreams of a future when all large transport companies would use PitStops to save on fuel costs, as this could have a significant impact on the price of food and household goods. He has a saying: “Lots and lots of ‘little moneys’ add up to something significant.” That understanding has served him well and today, for example, he saves R500 on a trip to Cape Town.


“There was a time I was running four bakkies and one truck in a business I owned. When I did a calculation, I realised that I saved R45 000 a year with PitStops.”


– Diederik van 't Hof


Diederik van 't Hof

Diederik recalls a story that shows how it’s not only money saved on diesel prices that makes subscribing to PitStops so useful. He had stopped for breakfast at a restaurant in a small town outside of Bloemfontein, as he does on every trip. With enough fuel for another 70km, he had planned, as usual, to fill up at the filling station next to the restaurant.


Feeling quite relaxed, he pulled in, got out, stretched and said, “Fill her up, please.” Only to hear: “Sorry, Sir, our diesel is late for delivery today and will only come later.” Not good news, since the next filling station was 100km away! Luckily, he was reminded by PitStops that there was a Co-op just behind the main street and he could fill up there. Sweet! The day was saved!